conga-TCA3-i - Intel® Atom™ - Ext. Temp. Range

conga-TCA3-i - Intel® Atom™ Baytrail in Extended Temperature Range

The extended temperature version of the congatec conga-TCA3-i COM Express Type 6 Compact Module is offered in 4 processor versions of Intel® Atom™ E3800 Family (Bay Trail):

Intel® Atom™ E3815 (1.46 GHz, 512kB L2 cache, 5 W)
Intel® Atom™ E3826 (2 x 1.46 GHz, 1MB L2 cache, 7 W)
Intel® Atom™ E3827 (2 x 1.75 GHz, 1MB L2 cache, 8 W)
Intel® Atom™ E3845 (4 x 1.91 GHz, 2MB L2 cache, 10 W)


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